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WIOA, Section 166/WIF Application

Before applying for job training assistance from the AICA, you must first have a job in mind that is in demand and realistically attainable. The tutorials located in the "Career Paths" section of our website will help you find a job and prepare you for the application process.

Important Application Instructions: The documents in the pdf below are all part of our initial application!  You must mail the Basic Application, Release of Information, Client Questionnaire, Employment Verification, and Veteran's Questionnaire forms back to the center before you can start receiving benefits.

Document Library

DocumentWIOA/WIF ApplicationPlease complete all forms within the application.
DocumentSCSEP ApplicationPlease complete all forms within the application.
DocumentWIOA/WIF ApplicationPlease complete application and either fax or mail.
Selective Service

IF YOU ARE MALE and born after 1960, you must be registered with the Selective Service and present proof with your application! If you are not sure of your registration or you need proof visit the website:

and print the page showing that you are registered to mail in with your application.


All applications should be mailed to the office at


American Indian Center of Arkansas

1100 North University, Ste. 143

Little Rock, AR 72207-6344